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Welcome To my Website

My little corner on the internet to connect us together. Here, you can book with me, learn more about my prices and services, see my past work, browse my designs, buy your deposit, or some of my lifestyle items in my shop. I am currently based out in Calgary at the iconic Smilin' Buddha.


I'm looking forward to connect with you!

See you soon!

Abstract Gradient

Edmonton Guest Spot 

I will be doing a guest spot with @nilabtattoos at Tiger Heart Tattoo in the capital city of Edmonton! It will be short but sweet from March 19-20. Reserve your spot now!


Don't forget to go check out the Monthly Flash for a discount on my new flashes!

action shot of rosi with a customer


What types of tattoos do I do?

I specialize in illustrative black and grey tattoos.

However I'm looking to expand my portfolio and I'm taking projects for any style/size. My favourite subject to tattoo are pin ups, skulls and freehand projects.

I'm mostly interested in getting bigger tattoos done and I offer a discounted rate when you book for a full day. You save over $500 when you book for a full day!

Services & Pricing

Tiny Tattoo  $150

Under 1h

If you only want a small simple design, most text/script tattoos, symbols, numbers, dainty fineline. You can get a quality tattoo with a price that reflects the size of your tattoo. Cute and small!

Custom  $200/h

Minimum 1h

Your own tattoo idea made in any style that you prefer. Let your imagination run wild, it's your body and I'm here to make your vision into reality. 

Flashes $180/h  (Flat rates available in the Monthly Flashes) 

Minimum 1h

Are predawn designs ready to go to a lovely human. Some of them are repeatable and some of them are not. If there's a design that is already taken or you would like a repeatable design to be unique, I can modify the design slightly.

You fell in love with one of my flash designs? 

Full Day Session  $1100

Are you getting between 6 and 8 hours of work done? Wether you would like a lot of small tattoos or a bunch of medium sized ones, or start a sleeve, the day rate might be for you. It's the most bang for your buck! My standard hours do not apply for this service. If you book for a whole day session we will be tattooing at the most convenient times for you and can stay after hours. Also, you save over $500 when you book for a full day!



Which design you are interested in

The desired size and placement

If you want colour or black and grey


With that information you will receive an estimate of the project.

Please include a minimum of 2 references in your request so I can have a better idea of what you are envisioning.

Note that a deposit will be required before your appointment date can be confirmed and before any design work can be started. The deposit can be made on this website at this link: DEPOSIT or can be made cash ($50) at the shop. At the end of the appointment you will be refunded fully for the deposit. Please do not leave a deposit until I accepted your project inquiry. 

*Consultations do not require a deposit

If you are looking to get a cover up or a big piece, please request a consultation beforehand so I can map out the skin area that will be subject to tattooing. That way I can design something that will better fit you! Consultations are about 30 minutes. A deposit can be made at the end of the consultation to lock in your appointment in person or by card online.  

portrait of rosi

I'm Rosi,
Nice to meet you!

I have been an artist my whole life and started tattooing professionally since 2021. My tattoo journey began in Toronto where I dedicated 5 years to study art and design. With a foundation rooted in Realism, my skills have evolved to encompass a diverse range of styles. However my true passion projects always end up being gorgeous pin ups. 

I can serve you both in English and in French. I am originally from Quebec but I am now based in Calgary

'' My lovely tattoo artist, Rosi, has done my two tattoos now. They healed perfectly and look wonderful. Personally, in tattoos I am picky and always looking for something small and dainty with fine lines. Her attention to detail and mindfulness is like no other! Anyone who is looking for a fine line tattoo, Rosi is your girl! ''

Ella Morrison

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