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Thank you for checking out my work! This portfolio is totally free of censorship (contrary to instagram) so please come check it out every so often for some cool uncensored work!

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Tattoo Artist - BW
action shot of rosi tattooing shoulders


Email to book an appointment 


Which design you are interested in

The desired size and placement

If you want colour or black and grey


With that information you will receive an estimate of the project.

For any cover ups or large scale project, a consultation will be required. 

Looking forward to work with you!

Bryce Fernley, AB

'' It was my first tattoo and Rosi made everything easy for me, from the design to the actual tattooing portion. Great service and good people.''

Sapna Gupta, AB

'' I'd been sittin' on the idea of getting some new body art for awhile but was struggling to find an artist I trusted. Along came Rosi.
Immediately upon meeting her, I knew she was the one! Little did I know at that point how unbelievably talented she is!
She gave me the exact body art I've wanted for so long and she's a perfectionist because the tattoos she did are *perfect*!

From here on in, she my go-to gal for all body art. Trust me - If you're looking for a trustworthy, honest, and beyond-talented artist to do your ink, Rosi is your girl! ''

Kamon Geyer, AB

'' I had a great experience with Rosi. The shop is clean and welcoming. Working with Rosi was easy and stress free, the tattoo came out exactly as I had hoped. ''
Abstract Gradient

Edmonton Guest Spot 

I will be doing a guest spot with @nilabtattoos at Tiger Heart Tattoo in the capital city of Edmonton! It will be short but sweet from March 19-20. Reserve your spot now!


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